The 18th “Kyoto Okuzashiki, Kibune Momiji Lantern”


From November 7th (Sat) to 29th (Sun), we will hold a light-up of autumn leaves, “Kyoto Okuzashiki / Kibune Momiji Lantern”.

This year, the 18th time, we will use lanterns and spotlights. Installed and lit up lanterns at Kibune Shrine and the inn district.

At Kibune Shrine, the Kasuga lanterns on the approach to the shrine are lit, and the bright autumn leaves lit up around the main shrine emerge along with the shrine.

Currently, the Eizan Electric Railway Kurama Line is suspended from operation between Ichihara Station and Kurama Station due to the effects of sediment-related disasters, so the “Maple Tunnel” along the Eizan Electric Railway, which is held every year, and Ninose Station and Kibuneguchi Station You cannot see the maple lights up, but please enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn leaves in the Kibune area.

The 18th “Kyoto Okuzashiki / Kibune Momiji Lantern”

During the

Duration: November 7th (Sat) -November 29th (Sun), 2020 23 days
Light-up time from dusk to around 20:30
Location: Kibune Shrine precincts, Okumiya, surrounding inn town (about 1,000m)
Event at Kibune Shrine: On November 7th (Sat), 8th (Sun), 14th (Sat), 15th (Sun), 21st (Sat), 22nd (Sun), 23rd (Mon / holiday) Kibune handmade market will be held in Okumiya.
Special bus service: period, the Kyoto Bus will operate specially until around 21:00.
Service section: Ichihara bus stop-Kibuneguchi bus stop … (transfer) … Kibuneguchi station square
Between the bus stop and Kifune temporary bus stop
* There is no direct bus between Ichihara Bus Stop and Kifune Temporary Bus Stop.

Currently, due to the effects of sediment-related disasters, the Eizan Electric Railway Kurama Line is suspended between Ichihara Station and Kurama Station. This year, there will be no illumination of the “Momiji Tunnel” between Ichihara Station and Ninose Station, and the Momiji at Ninose Station and Kibuneguchi Station.



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