Shinshu Matsumoto “onsen hotel OMOTO”, sale of plan with dinner


We are pleased to announce that we will sell an accommodation plan with dinner in collaboration with “onsen hotel OMOTO” and local restaurants from October 5th. As the first step, we will release an accommodation plan that includes Japanese food of “Hikariya Higashi” and “Japanese Cuisine Kusouan”.

Full-scale development of new styles such as separation of overnight meals

Two months have passed since the reopening of “onsen hotel OMOTO” (hereinafter referred to as “OMOTO”), and the rooms are fully booked during the consecutive holidays in September. Is being understood.

From the beginning of the opening, we have set a policy of coexistence and co-prosperity with local businesses, and have been collaborating on ingredients.

In the future, by deepening cooperation with local restaurants and proposing to customers the splendor of having dinner at a famous Matsumoto store, we will offer a large communal bath with a spectacular view of the Northern Alps, good guest rooms, and Matsumoto’s food. We will send you a stay that makes the most of it.

Start a plan with dinner from a famous Japanese restaurant

In launching the plan with dinner, we collaborated with the famous Japanese restaurants “Hikariya Higashi” and “Kusasouan” (Makinoyuuchi).
Set menus such as “Hikariya Higashi” kaiseki cuisine, “Kusasoan” soba and tempura are sold on the “OMOTO” accommodation plan, and reservation adjustment, payment, information to the store, etc. are available. OMOTO ”will do it.
First of all, we will sell it as an accommodation plan with dinner combined with a 12.5 tatami Japanese-style room.

Image of Hikariya Higashi menu
Supper of Kusouan

GoTo Travel Campaign "Regional Coupons"

For holidays at these two stores, guests other than Japanese-style rooms with 12.5 tatami mats, and restaurants other than these two stores, we will inform customers of the restaurants to cooperate with as the destination of the “regional common coupon” at check-in. By doing so, we will improve the stay of our customers and build a way of future cooperation with local restaurants.

Japanese-style room 12.5 tatami mats with dinner plan
Observatory large communal bath

Improving customer service as a concierge who proposes a stay in Matsumoto

With the launch of the plan with dinner, we will start an initiative to make the front staff of “OMOTO” look like Matsumoto’s concierge so that customers can enjoy their stay in Matsumoto.

We have a track record in consulting for many accommodation facilities, and in collaboration with “The Hospitality Team,” which also handles bridal in Matsumoto City, we will enhance the customer service that “OMOTO” aims for.

Through these efforts, we would like to establish cooperation with local restaurants, expand our efforts with local businesses with an eye on after-corona, and allow domestic and overseas customers to choose a trip to Shinshu Matsumoto / Asama Onsen.



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