Eatable Japanese traditional crafts. Edo Kiriko stick candy!


At “Ousama no Oyatsu,” which handles cookies with messages and gift confectionery, “Edo Kiriko Ame,” which contains the beautiful patterns of Edo Kiriko in stick candy, is currently on sale. Naru 5-piece set is now on sale.

Traditional crafts that originated in the Edo period are transformed into edible "Ame"

Edo Kiriko is characterized by delicately cutting familiar Japanese patterns such as Yarai, chrysanthemum, and hemp leaf patterns that can be seen in kimono.
This beautiful traditional Japanese craft is expressed by “candy”.
Each candy is in a Japanese paper bag. A purple round string is also attached, and you can give it as a gift as it is. How about as a small gift for the spring greeting season or Tokyo souvenirs?

The package mount explains the characteristics of Edo Kiriko in [Japanese / English], so it is also recommended as a gift for foreigners.

Package in a Japanese paper bag

There are 5 patterns in the lineup. Soda flavor named after soda glass

There are 5 types of “Edo Kiriko candy” designs. You can choose from the patterns of “Tama checkered”, “Hemp leaf”, “Rice tie”, “Yarai”, and “Hanasho” of the Edo Kiriko store “Hanasho” founded in 1946.

Hanasho’s Edo Kiriko uses soda glass, a natural glass that does not contain lead, so “Edo Kiriko Ame” is also finished in a soda flavor after soda glass.

5 types of patterns

Collaboration with Hanasho, an Edo Kiriko store founded in 1946

The Kiriko pattern “Rice Tsunagi”, which was born from Japan’s leading brand Hanasho, was selected as a gift at the Toyako Summit. “Edo Kiriko Ame” was born in collaboration with traditional Hanasho. Please enjoy the traditional craft “Ame” that can only be bought here.

Product name: Edo Kiriko candy
Price: 300 yen (tax included) A great deal of 5 bottles set 1,200 yen (tax included)

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