[Hoshino Resorts World]-Traditional craftsmanship collaboration project to start from event loss-“Remote Mashiko Pottery City” held at hot spring inn


Among the KAI, a hot spring inn brand of Hoshino Resorts that is expanding nationwide, in KAI Kinugawa, KAI Nikko, and KAI KAWA located in Tochigi Prefecture, the people involved in the “Mashiko Pottery City”, which was canceled in the spring, are connected. “Remote Mashiko Pottery City” will be held from July 23 to September 30, 2020.

This activity has a 50-year history and is associated with the event “Mashiko Pottery Market” where more than 500 tents are lined up, and a special team is formed with writers and dealers in Mashiko Town, as if to walk around Pottery City. We will create a spacious interior exhibition and guest room space.

You can also purchase your favorite works on display at the special website. In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the event will be canceled and the liveliness of the local area will be affected.

Main venue Kaigawa

“Remote Mashiko Pottery City” displaying works at the hot spring inn

Mashiko-yaki is a craft product that represents Tochigi, which is popular for its warmth that is simple and easy to get tired of. From the beginning of its operation, KAI Kinugawa has developed hospitality as an inn in a land closely related to folk art by incorporating it as part of the setting in various places throughout the building and using it as a container when serving multi-course meals.

The remote Mashiko Ceramics Market, where even regular customers of Mashiko Ceramics City can find new fun, will be set up in a limited-time gallery, permanent exhibitions and events will be held, and guests will be able to stay in the carefully selected hall. This will be done by providing a limited online purchasing site.

Exhibition by "Mashiko Town Authors/Retailers" x "Onsen Ryokan"

After the “Mashiko Pottery Market” that was scheduled to be held in May 2020 was forced to be canceled, expectations for the resumption of “Mashiko Pottery City” by Mashiko Yaki fans are increasing day by day. Under such circumstances, wouldn’t it be possible to provide a place where you can pick up the actual work and choose a vessel at a small hot spring inn that can avoid 3 denseness? Based on this idea, KAI Kinugawa decided to make an appearance as an exhibition space for his works.

In order to recreate this event, which is fun only when you actually have the work in hand, we will devise a production that makes you feel as if you are taking a walk in the pottery market.

"Special gallery" installed in the lobby

We will set up a “special gallery” in the spacious lobby where the greenery of the courtyard can be seen through the window and sunlight can shine through brightly. We will borrow valuable works from all the artists, who are more than 20 people who participate in this project, and display them together. Any guest can enjoy watching the hot spring bathing or before and after a meal during their stay at the hot spring inn in a relaxed manner.

Local room "Tochigi folk art room" In room with open-air bath

Of the 48 guest rooms in KAI Kinugawa, one or two works will be exhibited in the guest rooms (20 rooms) with an open-air bath. From the beginning of operation, guest rooms in KAI Kinugawa have been equipped with “Mashiko ware” and “Kuroha Aizen” everywhere to create a space where you can feel the charm of the local area. During the period of this initiative, the works of the collaborating artists will be newly displayed so that you can fully enjoy the quality of your stay.

*Available only to those staying in the relevant room.

KAI Kinugawa Permanent "Mamezara Gallery", double the fun at local music "Mashikoyaki Night" held every night

For a long time, in the world Kinugawa, Mashiko ware Meister staff gave explanations at the “Mamezara Gallery” permanent exhibition with more than 250 items lined up, and at an event called “Mashiko Yaki Night” that is held every night. .. By using these efforts together, you can become familiar with the history and characteristics of Mashikoyaki while staying at a hot spring inn, and you will be able to feel the charm of Mashikoyaki more closely.

Even if you are a regular customer of Mashiko ware pottery city and have come into contact with various works, you can enjoy an exciting day by encountering one side of Mashiko ware that you did not know yet.

Can be purchased on a special website limited to guests

Of the works displayed in the hall, you can purchase your favorite ones at a special website limited to guests and they will be delivered to your home at a later date. It is safe to purchase without worrying about additional luggage or damage during travel.

Authors and stores that can be purchased with this initiative


Aiba Takamasa
Iwami Shinsuke
Omura Midori
Masaho Ono
Yoshiko Kasahara
Yasuhiro Kondo
Nagumo Hidenori
Hagiwara Yoshinori
Mizuno Masayoshi
Kazumi Mita
Fumiya Mukaiyama
Yaguchi Keiji and others

・”Folk shop Mashiko”

Akutsu Miyabido (Masato Akutsu)
Kei Ishikawa
Otsuka Masayoshi
Taro Kamoda
Takashi Sato
Yoko Shitara
Hiroshi Funakoshi
Toru Murasawa
Hiroshi Murata
Kaichiro Murota and others
*Honorifics omitted, in alphabetical order. Writers and retailers may change unexpectedly

Sub Venue KAI Nikko, KAI Kawaji

At the same time in KAI Nikko and Osamu KAIKAWA, 5 works will be exhibited at each facility and “Remote Mashiko Yaki Pottery Market” will be held as a sub-venue. You can also access and purchase a special website where you can purchase your favorite works.

Overview of "Remote Mashiko Ceramics Market"

Facilities: Main venue: KAI Kinugawa (Kinugawa Onsen, Tochigi Prefecture)
Sub venue: Kai Nikko (Chūzenjiko Onsen in the same prefecture), KAI Kawaji (Kawaji Onsen in the same prefecture)
Period: July 23-September 30, 2020
Target: Accommodation only
(Accommodation fee: 24,000 yen ~ / per person when using room for 2 people, service charge included, tax not included, evening breakfast included)

Highest standard corona protection declaration

1 Hygiene management
At Hoshino Resorts, as part of corona countermeasures, we take the following measures in consideration of our customers’ health and public health.
・Check temperature at check-in and check overseas travel history
・In addition to regular guest room cleaning, cleaning and wiping with alkaline electrolyzed water inside
・Install alcohol for disinfection in various places in the building
・Alcohol disinfection of fingers for all customers when entering a restaurant
・High temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or more), disinfection cleaning of food trays
・Wear a mask when serving customers in the hall
・ Thorough management of staff health and hygiene (temperature measurement and confirmation of records before going to work)

2 “3 dense” avoidance
The following measures are taken to create a stay that avoids three types of “denseness”: closed, dense, and close.
・During stays, restrictions on entering and entering stores where congestion is confirmed
・Evening breakfast is served at the dining room in a semi-private room (Kai*excluding some facilities)
・Management of congestion at restaurants and decentralization of entry time
・Properly enforce line-of-sight restrictions when checking out at check-out
・Check-in available in guest rooms (Hoshinoya/Kai)

>Corona countermeasure summary

Hoshino Resort Kai

A hot spring inn brand run by Hoshino Resorts nationwide. In pursuit of Japaneseness and comfort, we offer a variety of services under the concept of “new, though it is a royal road.” It features “local music” hospitality and “local room” where you can experience the charm of local travel. In March 2020, “Kai Nagato” opened in Nagato Yumoto Onsen, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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