“Shinshu pickles stay” that continues to inherit the rural culture of Shinshu and the taste of hometown


At the hot spring inn “Hoshino Resort Kai Alps” located at the foot of the Northern Alps, the “Shinshu Pickles Stay” plan will be sold for a limited number of 4 people per day from November 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. I will. Shinshu pickles have long been a food culture rooted in each household as wisdom to survive the winter.

With this year, which is the corona period, we have prepared a stay plan that you can experience with the aim of continuing to inherit the rural culture of Shinshu and the taste of your hometown. In this plan, “Welcome pickles” that you can enjoy with tea are prepared, and you can learn the types of pickles and how to make them at the “pickle cram school” by an aunt teacher at a local pickle shop. It will be an experience to fully use the pickle culture of Shinshu, where you can eat, learn, make and enjoy pickles. Based on the needs of the with corona period, we will implement it in an environment that emphasizes a sense of privacy.

In Shinshu, where winters are long and cold, we prepare for winter by pickling crops harvested in autumn as preserved foods. Pickles, which have different tastes for each household, are used in various situations such as making tea, drinking sake, and accompanying meals.

It is an indispensable part of Shinshu’s dining table and is a representative of the taste of hometown for Shinshu people.

In the Kai Alps, with the cooperation of the local pickle shop “Shinano Omachi no Tsukimonoya”, the plan “Shinshu Pickles Stay” where you can experience the food culture of the countryside of Shinshu will be on sale for winter only from 2018, and this year It’s been a year.

Due to the spread of the new corona infection, there are high hurdles to implementing the experience program, but in order to continue inheriting the “pickle culture” which is one of the traditional cultures of Shinshu, we took thorough infection prevention measures. Above, we decided to implement it.

Our mission is to deepen cooperation with “Shinano Omachi no Tsukimonoya” in Omachi Onsenkyo and carefully convey the irreplaceable food culture of this area to our guests.

"Tsukemono Juku" by an aunt teacher at a local pickle shop

In Omachi Onsen, there is “Shinano Omachi no Tsukimonoya” run by local farmers. We sell pickles that are particular about local ingredients, using vegetables made by ourselves and seasonings made in Omachi.

In this plan, we will hold a “pickle cram school” with an instructor from a pickle shop born in Shinshu and raised in Shinshu. Learn about Shinshu’s pickle culture using original texts that summarize the history of pickles and the characteristics of Shinshu’s pickles.

Making your own "original pickles"

After studying at the pickle cram school, we will try to make pickles with the original recipe of the Kai Alps under the guidance of an aunt teacher. Wearing Kappogi and immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the countryside, make it with seasonal ingredients.

Pickled overnight, the finished pickles can be eaten with breakfast the next morning. Based on the recipes I learned, I aim to be able to pickle my own original pickles at home.

November-December: Nozawana pickled in soy sauce and vegetables pickled in kasuzuke
January-March: Pickled radish in soy sauce (pickled in cut) and pickled vegetables in kasuzuke
* Kasuzuke will be from a local sake brewery.

Hospitality with "Welcome Pickles"

In Shinshu, when entertaining guests, it is standard to serve pickles pickled at home as tea. Following this custom, we will welcome you with “Welcome Pickles” in this plan.

There are various flavors such as “Nozawana pickles”, which is the royal road of Shinshu pickles, “Sunki”, which uses red turnips made only by lactic acid fermentation that is handed down in the Kiso area, and “Wasabi pickles”, which is a mixture of Azumino’s specialty wasabi and sake lees. Prepare pickles of ingredients.

About cooperation with "Shinano Omachi no Tsukimonoya" in Omachi Onsenkyo

“Shinano Omachi no Tsukimonoya” is a pickle shop that sells popular products known to the locals. The people who make the products are women from local farmers, who use their spare time to manufacture and sell pickles while producing rice, vegetables, and flowers in their main business.

From the desire to revitalize local agriculture and produce special products of Omachi City through pickles, many experience-based meetings for making pickles have been held in various places.

The World Alps agrees with this idea. In 2020, due to the influence of the new corona, the opening of the morning market, which was the main sales area, has been canceled and the annual experience event has been canceled, but in the world Alps, thorough disinfection and hygiene management After taking measures such as avoiding three stakes, we have decided to continue holding the “Tsukemono Juku”.

Overview of "Stay in Shinshu Pickles"

Period: Check-in from November 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 (excluding December 28 to January 5)
Price: From 27,000 yen (1 person using 1 room for 2 people, service charge included, tax not included)
Included: Accommodation, dinner, breakfast, welcome pickles, pickle cram school, making original pickles
Reservation: Reservations will be accepted from September 1, 2020 on the official website
Remarks: Limited to a maximum of 4 people per group per day

Model schedule

·First day
15:00 Check-in
15:30 Welcome pickle hospitality, pickle cram school
16:00 Making original pickles
17:30 Supper
·the 2nd day
08:30 Breakfast: Pickles that you put yourself with your meal
12:00 Check out

Highest level corona countermeasure declaration

[1] Hygiene management
At Hoshino Resorts, as part of our corona measures, we take the following measures in consideration of our customers’ health and public health.
・ Temperature measurement at check-in
・ In addition to normal room cleaning, cleaning and wiping with alkaline electrolyzed water in the building
・ Alcohol for sterilization is installed in various places in the building
・ Rubbing alcohol for hand disinfection is installed in all guest rooms
・ Alcohol disinfection of hands and fingers for all customers when entering the restaurant
・ High-temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or higher), disinfection cleaning of meal trays
・ Install partitions such as panels and vinyl sheets on the front
・ Wear a mask when serving customers in the hall
・ Thorough management of staff health and hygiene (temperature measurement and record confirmation before going to work)

[2] 3 Dense avoidance
We are taking the following measures to create a stay that avoids the three “denseness” of closed, dense, and close.
・ Implementation of 3 dense visualization services that show the degree of congestion in the large communal bath on a smartphone (partial)
・ Check-in support in guest rooms (Hoshinoya / Kai)
・ Restrictions on admission and entry in places where congestion is confirmed during your stay
・ Manage the congestion status of restaurants and decentralize entry times
・ Dinner breakfast is served at the restaurant in a semi-private room (Kai * except for some)
・ Restriction of entry at the time of check-out front payment will be implemented as appropriate.

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Hoshino Resort Kai Alps (Omachi Onsen, Nagano Prefecture)
A hot spring inn with the concept of “experience the luxurious countryside of Shinshu”. Guest rooms and hot spring buildings are lined up along the snowy country arcade “Gangi”, and you can experience the culture of Shinshu, such as hospitality in the hearth and playing in the snow with kamakura and snowshoes in winter. At the large communal bath, you can enjoy bathing while enjoying the scenery of the four seasons.

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