Rediscover good sake and famous stores in Kyoto Machiya, taste Kyoto’s local sake and Kyoto as a whole


In the accommodation style “Yado Le KYOTO HANARE”, which is distributed in the town of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, you can experience the charm of the local area under the theme of “staying like living”, which we cherish, Kyoto. We offer a one-night, two-day stay program that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of Kyoto, and the “Kyoto Local Sake / Kyoto Cuisine Charms” plan.

In this program, among the breweries located in Kyoto City, while tasting the sake of the long-established brewery “Sasaki Sake Brewery” as it is, while selling fresh fish, the seafood lunch that is served by reservation only is full until one month in advance. For dinner at the popular shop “ototojet” and for breakfast at the end of the trip, you can enjoy the egg sandwich from the coffee shop Nakatani, which is cut into small pieces so that you can eat it at Maiko’s little mouth.

There are many hidden stores and breweries in Kyoto. By collaborating with a well-known store known to the locals of Kyoto, the brewery, we believe that you can experience the charm of the area of ​​”staying like a living”.

In Kyoto, sake = Fushimi is famous, but Sasaki Sake Brewery is a sake brewery that remains in Rakuchu and is located in the place where Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s mansion Jurakudai was, and is blessed with good quality groundwater. For this reason, we use “Kinmeisui / Ginmeisui”, which is said to have been used by Sen no Rikyu for the tea ceremony, as the water for preparation, and we want you to experience the charm of all the sake produced by the technique of Rakuchu tradition.

In addition, ototojet’s natural sashimi platter, which is mainly composed of fish, and red sea bream’s Ara-nabe “Yadoru, fish. ] Is also excellently compatible with sake. Sake has long been a representative of Japanese food culture, and many Japanese have enjoyed combining it with fish dishes. But it’s not just a convention, it’s a good match.

One of them is the “complementary effect”.
Complementation means that the other ingredient supplements the missing part of the ingredient. In this case, sake has the role of bringing out the flavor of fish, so it feels more delicious when combined with fish dishes.
I thought that one of the ways to enjoy it was to feel the compatibility between food and sake while drinking sake, and to rediscover the charm of Kyoto’s sake and natural fresh fish.

"The charm of Kyoto's local sake and natural fresh fish is easy to get up"

1. Welcome matcha sake and sake lees Japanese sweets

As a welcome service at check-in, we offer original matcha sake made from Sasaki Sake Brewery’s sake and Ippodo’s matcha!
In addition, it goes well with seasonal sake lees and Japanese sweets, and you can enjoy the charm of local sake from the time of check-in.

2. Three kinds of local sake, natural sashimi, and red sea bream hot pot “Yadoru, fish. 』Compare drinking and eating

We will offer 3 types of local sake from Sasaki Sake Brewery at check-in!
For dinner, we had a natural sashimi platter and a red sea bream hot pot “Yadoru, fish. ] Will be provided.
You can enjoy the charm of both while feeling the compatibility of sake and fish dishes.

[Characteristics of sake]
・ Jurakudai Junmai Daiginjo
This is a special sake made by polishing Yamada Nishiki, a rice suitable for sake brewing, to the highest degree, and carefully cultivated by skilled brewers and brewers at low temperatures. Please enjoy the fruity ginjo aroma and the elegant taste.

・ Heian Four Gods Ginjo Blue
The taste is a harmony between the fruity aroma of Ginjo sake and the refreshing and crisp taste. You can enjoy it at a wide range of temperatures, from cold sake to lukewarm sake.

・ Nishijin Special Junmai Sake
Junmai sake prepared with Daiginjo, which has been slowly fermented at low temperature for a long time. With a fruity aroma and a wide range of flavors peculiar to pure rice sake, it has a refreshing and dry taste that goes well with Japanese food.

3. Sake lees bath with abundant sake lees

Sake lees bath using sake lees from Sasaki Sake Brewery!
The ingredients of sake lees have three effects that make women happy.

[Three happy effects]
・ Heat retention effect
・ Blood circulation promoting effect
・ Whitening and dullness improvement effect

4. Breakfast eaten by geisha / maiko

“Egg sandwich” cut into bite-sized pieces based on the idea that “busy Minamiza actors, geisha / maiko” can easily eat at any time.
It is a size that is easy for women to eat.
5. Omotase ni ototojet mackerel sushi

As the end of the trip, we will give you a thick mackerel that leaves a rare feeling at checkout!
Please try ototojet mackerel sushi while soaking in the afterglow of memories on the way back from your trip.

Introduction of meal contents

Supper: Natural sashimi platter and red sea bream hot pot “Yadoru, fish.”

Stay in “Ototo”.
A set where you can enjoy the “natural sashimi platter” and “natural red sea bream hot pot” carefully selected on that day.
A plate of natural sashimi that reflects the seasons and is beautiful and attractive like fresh flowers, based on the concept of ototojet’s “live fish”. You can enjoy the finest natural red sea bream landed in the sea near the sea and rubbed in the rough seas in a warm pot.
Please enjoy the eating experience of “Ototo” as a memory of the inn.

・ Plate of natural fish sashimi
・ Natural sea bream hot pot (with homemade Japanese pepper sauce, homemade chili oil, condiments, ponzu sauce)
・ Ohitsu rice
・ Kyoto pickles

Breakfast: Egg sandwich

Coffee shop Nakatani signboard menu
It has a nostalgic taste, with an elegantly seasoned egg salad sandwiched between toasts. It is cut into small pieces so that it can be eaten even with Maiko’s little mouth.

・ Egg sandwich

Example of stay schedule

Day 1
16:00 Check-in, welcome matcha sake and sake lees Japanese sweets are offered
16:30 Sightseeing
19:00 Serving ototojet dinner
20:30 Enjoy tasting sake
21:00 Enjoy the sake lees bath
23:00 Preparing to go to bed

Day 2
08:00 Awakening
09:00 Serving breakfast at Coffee Shop Nakatani
11:00 Take a walk around the inn
12:00 Check-out / hand over the hospitality

List of provided facilities

We would like to introduce two facilities of the inn Le KYOTO HANARE where you can experience “the charm of Kyoto’s local sake and natural fresh fish.”

1. Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Enside no Yado

● Concept
The veranda that goes on forever.
The veranda in the center of the room is like an endless road. A garden where you can sit on the porch and talk with your traveling companions.

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2. Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Cave no Yado

● Concept
Beyond the cave.
When you pass through the cave, an open bathroom appears there.
A bathtub that you can soak in while looking at the garden that changes with the seasons is a part of your travel memories

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Outline of "Attractiveness of Kyoto's local sake and natural fresh fish"

○ Period
February 9, 2021-March 31, 2021 Weekly (Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday / Sunday only)
* Subject to change

○ Fee
85,000 yen / (tax included) ~
* Accommodation fee included
* Accommodation costs vary depending on the season.

○ Provided facilities
Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Cave no Yado

○ How to make a reservation
Make a reservation from each reservation 10 days in advance or place an order by phone or email to the facility

○ Included
Welcome matcha sake and sake lees Japanese sweets
3 types of sake
Sake lees bath
Cold sake glass

○ Target
Guests only

○ Remarks
Some parts may change depending on the purchase situation.

Yado Le KYOTO HANARE thinks of 3 dense avoidance

Due to the recent spread of the new coronavirus infection, we believe that what is required for travel is that you can enjoy traveling for the first time with safety and security.
Therefore, we will thoroughly implement measures at each facility of “3 dense avoidance” and “hygiene management”.

[1] Check-in
-Avoid crowds
To avoid contact with people, check-in is done in the guest room at Yado Le KYOTO HANARE.

-Temperature measurement
We carry out temperature measurement for all customers.
If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you may be asked to refrain from staying according to the instructions of the health center.

[2] Guest room
-Room type
Yado Le KYOTO HANARE is a room type that can avoid 3 crowds because it rents one building limited to one group per day.

-Alcohol installation
Rubbing alcohol for hand disinfection is provided in all guest rooms.

-Bactericidal cleaning in the hall
In addition to normal cleaning, we carefully disinfect and clean the parts that come into contact with our hands.

[3] Meals
-Implementation of room meals
All meals are in the guest rooms, so you can avoid the three crowds.

[4] Staff
-Wearing masks and gloves
We require you to wear masks and gloves during customer service so that you can stay with peace of mind.

-Health and hygiene management
We measure and record the temperature of all staff before going to work. We do not allow bad staff to come into contact with customers. In addition, we thoroughly wash our hands before work.

>[Related Materials] Inn Le KYOTO HANARE thinks of 3 dense avoidance

“Ototojet” is particular about natural fresh fish in the ancient city of Kyoto. By encountering ikebana, we aim to create a beautiful and attractive dish that reflects the seasons with the concept of “a person who grows fish.” Through the deliciousness of fish, we will work to reaffirm the appearance of surrounding the dining table full of traditional Japanese smiles, and at the same time, we would like to propose a food culture for the future.

25-178 Oshima, Momoyama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto



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