Kou Shibasaki’s “Sweet Mom” and Mie’s plum blossoms create a beautiful harmony.


“Vmedia”* “Retrois Graces ch.” Produced by Kou Shibasaki with the theme of “living beautifully”.
This channel distributes videos with themes such as “environment,” “clothing, food and housing,” and “moving hearts,” which are indispensable for “living beautifully,” as planned content produced by Kou Shibasaki herself.

Since last year, “Les Trois Graces ch.” Has released a video titled “Sharing Trip” that conveys the blessings of Japan’s nature and the attractive spaces that gather there, centered on national parks. And this time, as part of the “Minna de Sharing Trip Project”, we will deliver the beauty of plum blossoms in full bloom in Mie Prefecture on the melody of Kou Shibasaki’s song “Sweet Mom”.

In 2018, a dedication performance was performed at Ise Jingu, and in May 2020, Ise-Shima National Park was featured as the first video of “Sharing Trip” in Mie Prefecture. This video project was born after visiting this place last year in the coverage of the special feature “The Roots of Japanese Beauty, Ume and the Japanese” in the March 2021 issue of the monthly magazine “Discover Japan”.

Now that various restrictions are imposed by the corona sickness, this video was made with the thought of “May everyone be calm and enrich their daily lives as much as possible.” Please enjoy the beauty of the colorfully blooming plum blossoms that have nurtured the Japanese sensibility, and the beautiful harmony played by Kou Shibasaki’s “Sweet Mom”.

In the future, “Les Trois Graces ch.” Will continue to disseminate the beautiful nature of Japan, including national parks, in various ways both domestically and internationally.

(*)Vmedia: It means a video media that delivers various information beyond the Vlog that delivers daily life.

>”Retrois Graces ch.” Produced by Kou Shibasaki

About the plum blossoms in full bloom delivered in the video

We will deliver images of plum blossoms in full bloom at “Inabe City Bairin Park” and “Suzuka Forest Garden”, which are the most famous spots for plum blossoms in Mie Prefecture.

◆ Inabe City Bairin Park
“Inabe City Bairin Park” has one of the largest plum grove in the Tokai area.
In the plum grove park on the south side of the vast site, about 100 kinds of 4000 plums grow, and from the viewing platform you can enjoy the co-starring of the Suzuka Mountains and plum grove of various colors such as white, light red, and crimson, Mie Prefecture. It is a superb view spot in spring.

In this video, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of the magnificent Suzuka Mountains, as well as the feeling of enjoying a walk under the clear sky. doing.

◆ Suzuka Forest Garden
“Suzuka Forest Garden” where the world-class beautiful weeping plums bloom magnificently.
This is a research and cultivation farm aimed at the survival and dissemination of the “tailoring technique” of weeping plums, which is one of the traditional horticultural cultures of Japan. It is open to the public only when the plum blossoms are in full bloom, and is lit up at night.

In this video, we are delivering a fantastic view of the night illumination. The light red weeping plum forest that spreads all over in the jet black at night is truly a beautiful and lustrous natural illumination.

"Sharing Trip" that delivers the charm of national parks and the natural beauty of Japan

In “Les Trois Graces ch.”, We have released videos of national parks and the natural beauty of Japan under the title of “Sharing Trip”. This series has been produced by Kou Shibasaki, who has been active as an “Environmental Special Public Relations Ambassador” since July 6, 2018, to convey the charm of national parks and the natural beauty of Japan at home and abroad.

◆Ise-Shima National Park [Sharing Trip # 1]
The first memorable video is Ise-Shima National Park, which was released in May last year.

▼ Please attach #SharingTrip and give us your impressions
Please share this video with #SharingTrip on SNS such as Twitter, and post your impressions of the beautiful scenery and the nature and places in Japan that you would like to see in the future! I hope you can enjoy Sharing Trip with everyone in Japan.

Kou Shibasaki Profile
“Representative of actress, artist and Les Trois Graces. 』\
In 2017, she will play the leading role in the NHK Taiga drama “Naotora: The Lady of the Castle”. In 2016 she founded Les Trois Graces to create a sustainable society. In 2018 she was appointed by the Ministry of the Environment as the “Environmental Special Public Relations Ambassador”.

In September 2019, she published her first essay “LIFE THE KO 9 Things to Live” and her photo book “THE KO Shibasaki Kou photo book” at the same time.
In her musical activities, she has recently hired Jazztronik Ryota Nozaki as a sound producer to produce higher quality music.

She appeared in the NHK TV series “Ale” broadcast in the first half of 2020 as the role of the world-renowned opera singer “Tamaki Miura”.
She was broadcast until December 2020, and she enthusiastically performed Nozomi Tokioka, the main character of the NTV Saturday drama “35-year-old girl,” whose heart was 10 years old and her body was 35 years old.



Featured articles



A trip to Hida Takayama, where you can tour the historic land while listening to the audio guide

A service has been launched that provides tourist information in two languages, Japanese and English, such as the cityscape, Japanese heritage, and sake breweries that retain the remnants of the Edo period, which is representative of Hida Takayama. The audio guide can also be enjoyed at the “Hida Takayama 7 Kuranonbei Festival,” which is currently being held while taking measures against corona.



The famous gofuru “Kamakura Half Moon” from a long-established Japanese sweets shop will be delivered regularly.

Kamakura’s long-established Japanese sweets shop “Kamakura Goro Main Store” will start subscription! “Kamakura Half Moon” is a very popular sweet that has won the number one order for 16 consecutive years on the sweets mail order site “Paku to Mog”. It is a representative confectionery that is loved so much that it is called “Half Moon” in the local area of Kamakura. From that “Kamakura Half Moon”, the “Kamakura Half Moon Plenty of Regular Flight” that arrives regularly was born.
Tsuki Usagi, the symbol of “Kamakura Goro Main Store”, will deliver Kamakura sweets to your home. General sales will be accepted at the online shop from March 25th (Thursday). Please enjoy this taste that everyone is addicted to at the subscription.



It’s like a public bath! ?? A store specializing in “cheese sweets” with the theme of Atami Onsen is now available for the first time!

Fujinone Co., Ltd. is a store where you can enjoy authentic cheese sweets using cheese and the classic “milk” of the bath with the theme of “Atami Onsen” and “bath”, Cheesecake Factory “Atami Mill Cheese” is March 2021 It opened on the 20th.
Our shop is produced by “Atami Pudding”, which is said to be the forerunner of the Atami sweets boom, and we will deliver a lot of retro cute “new sensation cheesecake” unique to Atami.



Let’s enjoy spring at home this year!

The Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store is now offering a wide range of products to enjoy cherry blossom viewing as the cherry blossoms are about to bloom. At the “SAKURA Festival” held on the food floor from Thursday, March 18, 2021, We sell Tobu limited lunch boxes, hors d’oeuvres, and sweets that are spring-like. In addition, we are developing items that produce cherry blossom viewing, such as tableware with the image of cherry blossoms and bonsai of cherry blossoms.
Continuing from last year, this year as well, it is still difficult to enjoy cherry blossom viewing outside due to the corona virus. Therefore, at our shop, we are focusing on developing products that let you feel the arrival of spring at “Jenaka Cherry Blossom Viewing”.



Lunch where you can enjoy spring ingredients at a famous cherry blossom spot that represents Kyoto

Continuing from last year, due to the influence of Corona, events related to cherry blossoms have been canceled and admission to famous places has been restricted, and the opportunity to enjoy the seasonal feeling unique to spring with loved ones has been lost. In order to spend time with such an important person, we have prepared seats that allow you to enjoy the arrival of spring with all five senses, enjoy cherry blossom viewing, and enjoy Japanese and Western cuisine that inherits the spirit of tea kaiseki.
Please enjoy the Japanese-Western eclectic course using plenty of spring ingredients, along with the view of the nationally designated scenic garden “Kamien” where the cherry blossoms, which are famous as a famous spot for red weeping in Kyoto, bloom.

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