Special campaign to enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Biwa and the autumn leaves


At the resort hotel “Rotel de Hiei”, we will carry out a special autumn campaign mainly on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Saturday, November 13, 2021 to Sunday, November 28, 2021.

At “Yumemigaoka”, a special corner will be set up to sell vegetables from Shiga prefecture, as well as roasted sweet potatoes and baby castella in a kitchen car. In addition, at the Garden Museum Hiei on the mountaintop, a warm blue Shigaraki ware “BIWAKO BLUE” that expresses the surface of Lake Biwa with overlapping glazes will be on sale, and a painting exhibition by Mikako Watanabe, a colored pencil painter, will be held.

Rotel de Hiei will sell Kyoto beef curry for a limited time. You can enjoy your meal on the mountain terrace where the outside air feels good. Please enjoy the limited menu with the scenery and air of Mt. Hiei unique to this time.
Please come to Mt. Hiei, where the magnificent view of Lake Biwa and the colorful mountains are beautiful.

Campaign details

■ [Yumemigaoka] Special Corner
(1) Opening a kitchen car (10:00 – 15:00)
November 20th (Sat), 21st (Sun), 23rd (Tuesday / holiday), 27th (Sat)
Premium baby castella using roasted sweet potato, charred butter and honey

(2) Sale of vegetables made by local Shiga producers (11:00 – 15:00)

■ [Garden Museum Hiei] Sale of blue “BIWAKO BLUE” products that bring happiness
Shop “Maison de Fleur” (10:00 – 17:00)
On sale until December 5th (Sun)
・ BIWAKO BLUE vessel (Shigaraki ware, Koka city)
Warm blue Shigaraki ware that expresses the surface of Lake Biwa with overlapping glazes
・ Blue chocolate
・ Blue herbal tea and latte

BIWAKO BLUE (Shigaraki ware)

■ [Garden Museum Hiei] “Colored Pencil Drawing & Print Exhibition-Gentle as it is-” held
Gallery soRa (10:00 – 17:30)
Colored pencil painter Mikako Watanabe
Held until December 5th (Sun)
You can enjoy the world of gentle colored pencil drawings with many colors layered on top of each other.

Mikako Watanabe: An example of an exhibition painting

■ [Rotel de Hiei] Lunch time
Restaurant (last order from 11:30 – 14:00)

Kyoto beef (Japanese beef) chef's special beef curry rice

Facility information


Location: 776-3 Yamanaka-cho, Otsu-shi
Access: ・ From Osaka and Kobe
Kyoto East IC → Nishiotsu Bypass “Shigasato Ramp” → Ika Tachihama Otsu Line → Nishiotsu Bypass “Shigasato Ramp Kyoto Area Entrance” → Nishiotsu Bypass “Omi Jingu Ramp” → Shigagoe Otsu Line (Yamanakakoshi) → Tanaya Pass Gate

・ From Kyoto city
Kitashirakawa Bettocho intersection → Shigagoe Otsu line (Yamanakakoshi) → Taya Pass gate

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[Garden Museum Hiei]

Location: 4 Shugakuin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Shimei-gatake
Access: Inside the Hieizan Driveway (toll road)
Admission fee: Adult 1,200 yen
Child (elementary school student) 600 yen

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Garden Museum Hiei

[Rotel de Hiei]

Location: Ipponsugi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Access: Inside the Hieizan Driveway (toll road)

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Rotel de Hiei

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“Windsurfing debut stay” plan is now available [Resonale Kohama Island]

Kohama Island, which has no obstacles such as high mountains and buildings around it, is said to be a sacred place for windsurfing, where the wind blows from any direction and you can enjoy manipulating the wind.
From December 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022, a plan to challenge windsurfing with a manta-patterned sail at the remote island beach resort “Hoshino Resort Risonare Kohamajima” located in the southernmost Yaeyama Islands in Japan. “Windsurfing debut stay” will be released.





Uchina Stay Report vol.11: “Time slip in the Sanzan period ~ Gosamaru’s castle and pine trees ~”

It’s been almost a year since I moved to Okinawa. It reminds me of the wind that was blowing a year ago and the cold air that is heading for winter.

“Can we do it in Okinawa?”

“What is the difference between the people of Okinawa and me?”

At first, I lived with such anxiety and curiosity. However, as I interacted with various people, my anxiety gradually disappeared.

It was encouraging that “people of various nationalities and Japanese people other than Okinawa live in Okinawa”.

One of the major reasons is that it was known that “Okinawa had a history of interaction with various different cultures.”

Then, I respected the differences in customs and words as “differences”, and while I was touching on the culture I was trying to keep, I came to think that “different things are natural” and “different things are okay”.

By the way, this time it is 600 years back in time. Introducing the world heritage site “Zakimi Castle Ruins” in Yomitan Village, central Okinawa Island, which is said to have been built during the Sanzan period.

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