Introducing winter Izumo gourmet food and seasonal products on Shinmon Street


The Izumo Tourism Association is working on the operation of the “Rabbit”, which guides you to power spots that are difficult to visit by train or bus with a specialized guide and special meals. This time, Izumo Taisha is visited on many courses of the “Rabbit”. Introducing the unique winter fun on the approach to Shinmon-Street.

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Gods from all over the country will gather in Izumo to have a meeting about the relationship of the next year. Around this time today. The full-scale winter season is finally coming to Izumo.

On Shinmon-dori, which leads to the approach to Izumo Taisha, the spread of the new coronavirus has been calming down, and the bustle has returned a lot.

Izumo Brewing Co.TAISHA ~An exquisite roasted sweet potato with a sticky texture, "Kamikanimo"~

It is a shop where you can easily enjoy craft beer and Shimane Japanese beer. The recommendation at this time is “Kamikanimo”! Roasted sweet potatoes made with Nishihama potatoes, a specialty of Izumo City, have a hot and sticky texture.

The place is the entrance of Goen Yokocho on the north side of Shinmon Street. Right next to Izumo Taisha Shrine, you can eat while feeling the presence of God close to you, and it is an exquisite little food gourmet unique to winter.

It is right next to Izumo Taisha, the entrance to Goen Yokocho.
"Kamikanimo" using Izumo's special product "Nishihamaimo"

Kiyomatsuan Izumo Taisha store, EBINOYA ~ Oyaki that makes your mouth happy with sweetness and warmth ~

It is diagonally opposite the Shinmon-dori Tourist Information Center “Shinmon-dori Omotenashi Station”. “Kiyomatsuan”, which sells rice burgers and snacks, and “Ebinoya,” a shrimp cracker specialty store, are open in the same store.

Freshly made hot oyaki has a wide variety of menus such as sweet potatoes and Izumo zenzai. The crab satsuma-age made with crab crabs from Sakaiminato is also attractive, and the warm menu is more green. Please try it together with the popular shrimp cracker.
A new rice burger using crab will be released soon. Please look forward to this as well.

When the weather is nice, it is recommended to eat on the bench outside.
Left: Izumo Zenzai / Right: Sweet potato
The most popular of dozens of types of shrimp crackers is the "Shimane Wagyu" flavor.

Ken-chan pickles Izumo Taisha store ~ Fall and Winter only!Started selling Tsuda turnip pickles

A pickle shop located on the north side of Shinmon-dori.
We have a large selection of seasonal handmade pickles, fish kasuzuke, and other items that are particular to the store, and are also popular as souvenirs and year-end gifts.

This time, we will pay attention to Tsuda turnip pickles, which is a specialty of Shimane.
As an autumn / winter limited product, it has just started selling the other day.
The vibrant red and white and the green hues of the leaves are beautiful to the eye, and the crispy texture is addictive.
The shape of the magatama is also perfect for Izumo.
The landmark is a cute handwritten signboard that introduces Tsuda turnip pickles installed in Goen Yokocho.

The cute handmade signboard is eye-catching
Bright red and white are unique to Tsuda turnip
Many other pickles are lined up

Sushi Nihonkai Taisha Monzen Store-Nodoguro! Red surimi of fish! You can enjoy Shimane's specialty freshly baked

If you want to taste sushi that you can enjoy the seafood of the Sea of Japan, including “Yakisabasushi” and “Nodogurosushi”, click here!
It is a popular shop located on the north side of Shinmon-street.

The recommendation at this time is the skewers of the high-class fish “Nodoguro”.
“Nodoguro”, which is baked at the store and eaten immediately, has just the right amount of salt and has the best hot and fresh flavor.
In addition, Red surimi of fish, a specialty of Shimane, is spicy and goes well with sake.

In addition, you can enjoy meals such as “blackthroat seaperch rice bowl”, which has won the Grand Prix at the national local rice bowl dishes championship. Please come and visit us once.

It is a shop at the entrance of Goen Yokocho
You can have Nodoguro baked at the store
Freshly baked Nodoguro is hot

Tamayura Izumo Taisha store-Start selling New Year's products such as popular shimenawa

In the middle of Shinmon Street, you can’t miss “Tamayura”, which is lined with attractive accessories.
It is a popular shop where the staff makes various accessories one by one, including a special magatama used for Shinto rituals and offerings called “Izumo type”.

We also carry tiger goods related to shimenawa and next year’s zodiac signs.
A magatama is also attached to the popular shimenawa, and you can remove only the magatama in front of Tondo-san (Dondo-yaki).
The cute tiger zodiac lottery is full of handmade warmth, such as the thickness of each pattern line is different.
How about welcoming New Year’s decorations with souvenirs unique to Izumo?

Popular shimenawa decoration with magatama
Each one is handmade, so all the patterns such as the thickness of the eyelashes are different.
Lots of magatama of various colors and shapes

Fukunowa-a special dish "Uzu-boiled" served at the Shinto ritual of Izumo Taisha

At Izumo Taisha, the “Fukujin Festival” is held every year to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
The “Uzu-boiled” that is handed down to the Izumo no Kunizo family is served by those invited to the ritual.

It is a special dish that is auspicious and you can put the blowfish meat, dried shiitake mushrooms, and kanpyo in the thickened blowfish soup stock and combine it with rice.

In addition, various products such as blowfish dried overnight, mirinboshi, and cute blowfish-shaped “ofugu-yaki” are available.
Warm your body and soul with a special souvenir to celebrate the New Year at a seafood specialty store that has been particular about the deliciousness of blowfish for many years.

* As of December 15, 3rd year of Reiwa, you cannot eat “Uzu-boiled” in the store, but packs for souvenirs (lower right in the photo) that you can easily enjoy at home are on sale.

Fugu invites fortune with "Uzu-boiled"
Fugu invites fortune with "Uzu-boiled"
It is a popular shop that keeps sticking to the deliciousness of blowfish.

“Rabbit” promotion video

Izumo City x movie “Child of Kamiari Month” tie-up movie



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