Kyukamura Myoko sells “Night Cherry Blossom Bus Plan” at Takada Castle Ruins Park


At the resort hotel “Kyukamura Myoko”, we will sell the accommodation plan “Yozakura Bus Plan” with a shuttle bus to coincide with the “Takada Castle Site Park Cherry Blossom Party” from Sat, March 26th.

The 97th Takada Castle Site Park Cherry Blossom Viewing Party

It is a park that can be counted as one of the “Three Great Night Cherry Blossoms in Japan” in addition to the “100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots”.
Most of the cherry blossoms in the park are Yoshino cherry trees, and the total number is about 4,000.
In addition, about 3,000 bonbons are lit during the flowering season, and the contrast between the night sky and the cherry blossoms is even more beautiful, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Holding period: March 26th (Sat) -April 10th (Sun), 2022
Location: Takada Castle Ruins Park, Joetsu City, Niigata

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Kyukamura Myoko "Night Cherry Blossom Bus Plan" Overview

Sales period: March 26th (Sat) -April 9th (Sat), 2022
Schedule: 17: 00- dinner
18:30 Depart from Kyukamura by chartered bus
Around 19:20 Arrive at the night cherry blossom venue (Takada Castle Ruins Park) (free walk for about 1 hour)
Around 20:20 Departure from the cherry blossom venue at night
Around 21:00 Return to Kyukamura
TEL: 0255-82-3168

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Seasonal course "Echigo Kaiseki Course"
Japanese and Western room
When the snow melts, a terrace appears in front of the hotel
Hot spring public bath "Koshi no Yu"

Scenery only at this time that can only be seen in Myoko

-The cherry blossoms in full bloom and the “jumping horse” of Mt. Myoko reflected in Matsugamine Pond-

Every year from around mid-April, the snow shape of the “jumping horse” appears on the hillside of Mt. Myoko as the snow melts.
When this Yukigata heralds the arrival of spring, the buds of the cherry blossoms around Matsugamine will also unravel, and you can see both the remaining snow and the cherry blossoms.
The appearance of the cherry blossoms and the “jumping horse” of Mt. Myoko reflected in Matsugamine Pond is like a mirror, and its beauty is breathtaking.

[About new coronavirus measures]
At Kyukamura, we take various measures to welcome customers so that they can enjoy their trip with peace of mind, putting the safety and security of our customers, employees, and related parties first.

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