Projection mapping show “Maruoka Castle x Naked Hikari Knot”


Since 2014, as a future creation project, Naked has been carrying out co-creation activities in Japan and overseas with people and companies in the region to creatively express the charm and feelings of the region for the future.
From March 26, 2022, the production of the projection mapping show of Maruoka Castle castle tower has been renewed.

Projection mapping show has been renewed

The first performance is the projection mapping show “Legendary Edition” where you can experience the legend of Maruoka Castle. The second performance screened a work in collaboration with local people as “Future Creation” that conveys the charm of Sakai City to the world.

This time, one year after the initiative, the existing castle tower, Maruoka Castle, exists as a symbol of peace, and the people of Sakai City who once stood up from damages such as the Fukui earthquake, heavy snowfall, and heavy rain damage are indomitable. With the motif of “Phoenix” that symbolizes the spirit of “Peace”, it is a “Peace Prayer” that blooms peace flowers, holds a festival of prosperity, and delivers peace wishes from Maruoka Castle to the world.

Now that the world’s anxieties are increasing, including the new coronavirus infection, the desire of the local people to deliver this “power to stand up by holding hands” to the world is included.

Naked will continue to contribute to the local community and foster children’s creativity through future creation project activities.

A new design with the motif of a happy four-leaf clover and a heart has been added to the “NAKED Distance Lantern ®︎” introduced in the fall of 2021. This design was solicited from the public and selected from the submitted works.

Outline of “Maruoka Castle x Naked Hikari Knot”

Venue: Maruoka Castle (1-59, Kasumi-cho, Maruoka-cho, Sakai-shi)
Date: Saturday, March 26, 2022 ~
*Screening every day
Time: ● Maruoka Castle castle tower projection mapping / 20:00~, 21:00~ every day, 2 times in total
● Otenshuzen Park Projection Mapping / Daily 18:00 - 21:00
● NAKED Distance Lantern ®︎: At the time of the event

* In principle, the screenings are conducted every day, but if the screenings are suspended due to equipment maintenance, etc., we will notify you in advance on the Sakai City website.
* Every year on June 21, June 28, and July 7, we support the “Light Down Campaign” developed by the Ministry of the Environment as a measure against global warming, and the screening is suspended.
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