[Kyukamura Nasu] “Azalea de Sanpo” program where the vermilion color of azaleas shines in the fresh green


The new service “ONEUP Program” started to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kyukamura Nasu.
We will guide you to “Azalea de Sanpo” where you can enjoy a walk at “Yahata Azalea Garden” which is in full bloom from the middle of May.

“Yahata Azalea Garden” spreads over the Yumoto district of Nasukogen at an altitude of about 1,100m, which was selected as one of the “100 Kaori Landscapes” and “100 Scenic Spots in Tochigi Prefecture” by the Ministry of the Environment.
About 200,000 azaleas of various types bloom in a garden on the hillside of a vast plateau of about 23 ha.

At Kyukamura Nasu, we will hold “Azalea de Sanpo” for guests to enjoy the azaleas that are in full bloom.
There is a promenade in the park so it is easy to walk, and there are tables and benches in some places.
Many flowers are pleasing to the eyes of travelers.

It was the horses that made this stunning azalea community!
Nasu Kogen has been a region where livestock farming has been popular since ancient times, and Yawata has been a pastureland for Nasu’s specialty horse “Nasu Koma” since the Meiji era.
Horses eat alpine plants, but not poisonous azaleas.
For that reason, azaleas are growing in this area.
You can meet “Nasu Tkara”, which inherits the rare “Nasu Koma” pedigree, at “Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family Ranch”.

Overview of "Azalea de Sanpo"

Period: Mid-late May 2022
* It may change depending on the flowering situation of the azalea.
Target: Kyukamura Nasu guests
Number limit: Up to 10 people
Reservation: First 10 people, please make a reservation at check-in (reservation required by 19:00 the day before)
Remarks: We also offer outdoor goods rental so that you can enjoy it empty-handed.

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