[Hoshinoya Kyoto] Arashiyama “A boat where you can see the cormorant fishing” where you can see the cormorant fishing, which is a summer tradition, up close


Cormorant fishing in the Oigawa River, which flows in front of Hoshinoya Kyoto, is a summer tradition in Arashiyama.
You can rent out the houseboat “Hisui” exclusively for Hoshinoya Kyoto, and enjoy the live performance of the shamisen and the [Ugozen] specially made by the chef of Hoshinoya Kyoto, while enjoying the liveliness of the cormorant fishing(Ukai) up close.

Ukai is a fishing method in which a fisherman called “Usho” pulls a rein and tames several sea cormorants to catch river fish such as sweetfish.
Ukai in Arashiyama has been practiced in the Oigawa River since the Heian period, and the caught fish were presented to the imperial court.

Enjoy the summer of Kyoto with the chef's special "Ugozen"

At the elegant houseboat “Hisui”, you can enjoy the “Ugozen” that the chef of Hoshinoya Kyoto worked on for this activity.

The bamboo basket, which has the image of a cormorant that holds the sweetfish caught by the cormorant, has a bonfire-like demon lantern and fried sweetfish that look like they are swimming powerfully.
In addition, the conger, which is a representative ingredient of summer in Kyoto, is grilled with sauce over charcoal fire to make sushi, and richly flavored ingredients such as abalone and beef tongue are included in various colors.
You can enjoy the gorgeousness of summer with your eyes and tongue.

You can also enjoy the Junmai Daiginjo Sake “Gesho” made from sake rice cultivated in the Saga area of Kyoto.
You can enjoy the summer of Kyoto while gazing at the gorgeous scenery of cormorant fishing.

Enjoy the uplifting feeling with the live performance of the shamisen and the liveliness of the cormorant fishing

While heading from Hoshinoya Kyoto to the lower reaches of the Oigawa River, where cormorant fishing takes place, you can listen to live shamisen performances on the elegant houseboat “Hisui”.
The Oigawa River is crowded with tourists during the day, but at night it becomes quieter, and the mellow tone of the shamisen echoes in the valley of Oku Arashiyama.
When the cormorant fishing begins, the shouts and drums of the cormorant fishermen make the river bustling differently from the daytime.
Enjoy the uplifting feeling of summer evening with the live performance of the shamisen and the liveliness of the cormorant fishing that you can enjoy in front of you.

Charter boat play with elegant houseboat "Hisui"

Jade is a houseboat exclusively for Hoshinoya Kyoto, which is made into an elegant space surrounded by traditional Kyoto crafts using building materials and decorations that have been popular in Kyoto for a long time.

Overview of “Ukai Private Viewing Boat”

Business period: July 1st-September 23rd, 2022 (Exclusion date: August 16th)
Offer time: 19: 00-20: 00
* From September 1st, 18: 30-19: 30
Price: 1 group 1 person 1 group 105,000 yen
In the case of 2 people per group, 120,000 yen per group
In the case of 1 group of 3 people, 1 group of 125,000 yen
* Tax and service charge included, accommodation charge not included
Contents: Chartered elegant houseboat “Hisui”, live shamisen performance, cormorant set “Ugozen”, sake
Capacity: 1 group per day (1 to 3 people)

Hoshinoya Kyoto
Target: Guest
Remarks: The contents of the dishes are subject to change depending on the time of serving and the availability of ingredients.
Depending on the weather, the flight may be canceled or the flight time may be changed even on the day of the event.

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