【Hoshinoya Tokyo】”Tokyo Autumn Leisurely Stay” to enjoy autumn with a diorama box-making experience using autumn leaves and a moon-viewing rickshaw ride.


Hoshinoya Tokyo will hold the “Tokyo Autumn Leisurely Stay” program from September 1 to November 30, 2022, to enjoy the beautiful autumn season while staying in the Tokyo area.
This two-day and one-night stay program offers activities and a special breakfast using autumn ingredients, modeled after the autumn lifestyle of people in the Edo period (1603-1867), who were familiar with the changes in the seasons and loved nature.

Feel the autumn season while staying in the guest room "Making a diorama box with autumn leaves".

Inspired by Bonkei, visitors can enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves while staying in their guest rooms by “making a diorama box with autumn leaves”.
In this experience, you will learn the history of diorama boxes and how to make them from Mr. Tomoya Katsuyma, a bonkei artist in charge of decorating Hoshinoya Tokyo, and create your own original diorama box while imagining a mountain landscape in red and yellow colors.
With Katsuyoshi’s support, we will start by filling the lacquerware box with soil.

The secret to making a good diorama is to place the clay in a way that it is high and low according to the landscape you have imagined.
Then, bonsai with red and yellow colored leaves are planted, moss and stones are placed, and white sand is added.
Using tools, the length of the moss can be adjusted and patterns can be drawn in the sand to create a diorama box that is unique.

*Bonkei=Diorama box using bonsai

Bonkei artist Tomoya Katsuyoshi

<optional>Bonsai Selection Experience
In order to enjoy “making a diorama box with autumn leaves” even more, we offer an experience to select a bonsai to be used in the diorama box.
You and Mr. Katsuyoshi will visit a bonsai garden where various types of bonsai, soil, stones, etc. are available, and you can choose your favorite bonsai while listening to his advice on the types of bonsai and points to consider when selecting one.

Fee: 11,000 yen for one person, 16,500 yen for two people (including tax and service charge)

Comparison of autumn sencha teas while looking at the diorama box you made yourself.

While gazing at the Hakoniwa garden you have created, you will compare a selection of sencha teas carefully selected by Yamamotoyama, Japan’s oldest sencha merchant, founded in 1690 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
This experience follows in the footsteps of people in the Edo period, who went on pleasure trips during the autumn season to enjoy the autumn leaves while tasting new autumn teas such as “matured tea” and “kuradashi tea.
Along with the tea, visitors can enjoy autumn sweets such as sweet potato and chestnut Mont Blanc, Japanese pear sorbet and blancmange, and fig millefeuille.

Uji tea leaves plucked in spring are matured until autumn, giving it a refined aroma and taste.
Sayama tea, which is perfect for the autumn season when people say they miss the strong taste of tea.
Sencha green tea, a limited edition of this plan, to match the sweets of autumn.

Enjoy the long night of autumn "Rickshaw ride with Moon Viewing".

After dinner, we will take a rickshaw ride from Hoshinoya Tokyo and tour around the Imperial Palace and Otemachi/Marunouchi area.
Autumn, when the sky is clear, is the most beautiful time of the year for viewing the moon.
The open sky and few tall buildings in the outer gardens of the Imperial Palace provide a unique opportunity to view the moon in the night sky from a different perspective, as well as the nightscape of twinkling buildings in the distance, which only a nighttime rickshaw ride can offer.
The gingko trees along Marunouchi’s Gyoko-dori Avenue are also illuminated as they begin to turn yellow.

Special breakfast to taste seasonal ingredients

Breakfast is specially prepared with a variety of vegetables and seafood that are in season in the fall.
Chestnut rice, millet salad, and grilled autumn salmon will be served.
Chestnuts and millet are ingredients that people in the Edo period ate during the autumn season to express their gratitude for nature’s bounty.
Other dishes include “Momiji-dai (red sea bream)” soup, which compares sea bream, which is at its peak in terms of fat, to autumn leaves, which are also at their peak in terms of beauty.

Outline of "Tokyo Autumn Leisurely Stay"

Offer period: September 1st-November 30th, 2022
Capacity: 1 group per day (1-2 people)
Price: 1 person 104,000 yen, 2 people 164,000 yen (tax and service charge included, accommodation charge not included)
Content: Making a diorama box with autumn leaves, dinner “Hoshinoya Tokyo Gozen”, moon-viewing rickshaw riding experience, special breakfast, sencha drinking comparison and autumn sweets
Target: Hoshinoya Tokyo guest
Remarks: The program schedule and contents may be partially changed depending on the situation.

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