[Kissho Yamanaka, Ishikawa] The Power of Hokuriku Sake”, a plan to stay for a sake tasting contest, is now being held.


Kaga-conscious hot-spring inn “Kissho Yamanaka” is located along “Tsurusenkei”, which is said to be the most beautiful valley in Hokuriku, and is currently holding a sake comparison event where guests can enjoy a tour of locally brewed sake from Ishikawa, a rice-producing region, in the hotel.

An example of the "Wajima Fugu / Wagyu Kaiseki" menu
Elegant drinking vessels such as Kutani ware and Yamanaka lacquerware

・Five types of local sake from Benikura at dinner
・Three types of local sake from Benikura at breakfast
・Enter the room with the original label “Kaga no Tsuki Full Moon (300ml)” and a delicacy set
・10% off local sake at dinner
・10% off local sake from the shop (cannot be used with other discount tickets)

The cold sake lineup includes seasonal sake such as “Kuroryu Natsu Shibori Junmai Daiginjo” and “Tengu Mai Ryogin Junmai Daiginjo” from various breweries, and “Shishi no Sato Junmai Ginjo Sake Mirai”. Popular brands such as “Kagatobi Umekichi Junmai” and “Shinsen Junmai” will be available for hiya-shu, and “Shishi no Sato Junmai” and “Manzai Tsurugi Yamahai Junmai” will be available for hot sake.

“Kaga no Tsuki Mangetsu” and a set of delicacies are also provided in the guestrooms, so you can enjoy a quiet summer night with a fresh drink after taking a hot bath. In addition, guests can choose from three types of locally brewed sake at breakfast, a real treat for those who love sake.
Enjoy a tour of Hokuriku’s rice-producing regions in the hotel. Please enjoy a luxurious time as an adult in the backwaters of Kaga.

Luxury accommodation plan for sake tasting of 14 kinds of “Power of Hokuriku Local Sake” in your favorite sake cups

Period: July 26th-September 30th, 2022
Price: One night with evening and breakfast per person
From 26,000 yen (1 room for 2 people)
From 23,500 yen (1 room for 3 people)
From 22,500 yen (1 room for 4 people)

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