[Hoshino Resorts Tomamu] “Salmon Camp” to be held with pop-up salmon pattern outdoor goods


From September 4 to October 14, 2022, “Salmon Camp” will be held with pop-up salmon-patterned outdoor goods.
Families can enjoy a salmon-themed outdoor experience in the great outdoors and meals featuring various parts of the salmon.

Camp site with pop-up salmon pattern outdoor goods.

The camp site features an assortment of salmon-themed outdoor goods.
For example, there are orange tents that resemble salmon meat, rug mats and pot holders with salmon illustrations, salmon roe stools, and much more.
Visitors can enjoy an outdoor experience in a pop and cute space.
Ponchos with salmon patterns will be provided, so the whole family can wear matching ponchos at night and enjoy a family gathering around the campfire.

Learn by touching salmon and making salmon roe

Participants change into cooking clothes with a tie and sarong wrapped around them to resemble a salmon fillet and try their hand at making salmon roe.
This is an experience of removing the roe bag from the pre-processed salmon, breaking it up in warm water, and marinating it in soy sauce sauce.
In addition, while handling the salmon with the staff, you will learn about the parts of the salmon.
The salmon meat and salmon roe you prepare yourself can be used for dinner or eaten for breakfast the next day.

Salmon camp meals using various parts of the salmon

For dinner, you can enjoy a salmon camp meal using various parts of the salmon that were processed during the experience.
The main dish is “Salmon Paella”. To make the paella, you wear a salmon-patterned pot holder and put a pot filled with rice, salmon meat, seafood, and broth on the fire. The dish is ready when the rice is simmering and the broth is gone. You can enjoy the fluffy texture of the salmon meat and the flavorful seafood paella.
The “Salmon Soup” is also a dish that warms the body with the concentrated flavor of the salmon head and bones.

:Menu Example
Salmon Paella, Salmon Soup (head and bones), Grilled Salmon Skewers, Baked Apple with Salmon Chips and Ice Cream

The perfect breakfast while camping: "Oyakodon with salmon and salmon roe".

The oyakodon with salmon and salmon roe, using salmon fillets and salmon roe marinated in soy sauce that you prepared yourself the day before, will be served as breakfast.
The rich salmon roe soaked with the flavor of the special soy sauce sauce sauce is topped on top of the warm white rice cooked in an earthenware pot, and the grilled salmon roe is topped with a savory grilled salmon roe. The secret ingredient is kombu dashi, the king of kelp dashi.
The secret ingredient is Rausu kelp, the king of kelp soup stock.
You can enjoy the best breakfast at the camp on a brisk morning.

“Salmon Camp” Overview

Available period: September 4 – October 14, 2022
Price: Adults from 28,000 yen, Children from 7 to 11 years from 19,600 yen, 4 to 6 years old from 14,000 yen
Content: One night salmon camping experience, camping equipment, salmon roe making, salmon handling experience,
Dinner (salmon camping meal), breakfast (Oyakodon with salmon and salmon roe)
Capacity: Limited to 1 group per day *Up to 4 people per group
Audience: Guests staying at Tomamu The Tower and RISONARE Tomamu
Remarks: You must make a separate reservation for accommodation at Tomamu The Tower or RISONARE Tomamu.
Depending on the availability of ingredients, some of the content provided may change.
Depending on the weather conditions, the contents may be partially changed.

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