Two types of sake for Japanese beef, “STEAK” and “YAKINIKU”, are on sale at stores and online


The sake “Beef and Teppan(牛と鉄板)”, which can be enjoyed more deliciously by combining it with Wagyu beef dishes, was newly released on January 29, 2021 (Friday), the first meat day of the year of Ox. Right now, we are aiming for “sharp consumption” at home, and after the end of Corona, we are aiming to stimulate demand for branded beef and tourism nationwide.

"Sake that goes well with Wagyu and Teppan"

“Beef and Teppan(牛と鉄板)” is a sake that complements the food and sake by matching it with the dishes that mainly use Wagyu beef, and you can enjoy the deliciousness.
The naming is based on Kansai dialect’s “Teppan” (because the iron is hard, the aim is correct / certain / standard), and expresses a brand that proposes a pairing that is definitely a combination.

At the beginning, I thought that "Kobe beef" should be "Nada sake" instead of red wine.

In Kobe, there are world-class “Kobe beef” and “Nada sake”. However, “red wine for beef” was the standard, and it was geographically divided into the mountain side and the sea side, and they did not overlap.
Therefore, in commemoration of the 270th anniversary of our founding, we planned a local sake of Nada to match Kobe beef, saying “I want you to enjoy delicious food in Kobe with delicious sake in Kobe”.
As a result, the sake “Beef and Teppan(牛と鉄板)” for Japanese beef, which has the umami of high-quality meat and the sweetness of fat, was born.

For Wagyu, use "sake" instead of "red wine"

The taste and richness of high-quality Japanese beef and the well-balanced taste of sake, and the sharpness of flowing fat

The characteristics of Wagyu beef, which is not just domestic beef, are the fineness of the texture, the softness of the meat, the abundance of fat contained in the marbling, and the taste of the meat.

As an in-meal sake that mariages with the Wagyu beef, we have based on Nada sake-like sake, which is characterized by its richness and sharpness, so that it does not remain on the tongue and become irritating while balancing the taste.
We use all of Nada’s famous sake brewing water “Miyamizu”, which is said to have a taste when aged, and it is a strong koji that can withstand aging, and is aged at low temperature for a long period of time (3 years or more) before shipping. It has a deep flavor that is comparable to beef and brings out the mellowness that goes with the dishes.

All sake rice is produced in Hyogo prefecture and uses Yamada Nishiki in the special area A, but the rice polishing rate is 60% and the rice is not over-polished to give the taste a balance between umami and cleanliness. On the contrary, the aroma is clear and modest, and it is finished so that you will not get tired of drinking it as an in-meal sake and will be close to the dish.

Plate, cow and iron plate

Gold "STEAK" with a beautiful back mouth, silver "YAKINIKU" that leaves a lingering finish

There are two types of lineup.
You can choose from “STEAK” and “YAKINIKU” according to your taste and dishes.

・ “Beef and Teppan(牛と鉄板) -STEAK-” (Friday) … It features a deep taste and mellowness due to aging, and a rear mouth that cuts cleanly without leaving on the tongue while holding them. While harmonizing with the taste of a wide range of Japanese beef dishes, from steaks with strong umami to beef sushi, the fat remaining in the mouth is washed away and invited to another bite.

・ “Beef and Teppan(牛と鉄板) -YAKINIKU-” (silver) … It is characterized by its firm taste and swelling rice taste. You can feel the lingering finish while snuggling up to the taste of Japanese beef dishes with a strong taste, such as grilled meat with sauce.

Brings out the flavor of high-quality meat and fat

Tasting comments from professionals related to Wagyu

“Because of the delicious taste of sake and the clean and refreshing taste, I think that it will be in harmony with the sashimi of Kobe beef and make you enjoy your meal. I felt it. “(Kobe Prezier Manager)

* Kobe Plaisir Main Store: A restaurant where you can enjoy Kobe beef, Tajima beef, teppanyaki steak, shabu-shabu, etc. with fresh local vegetables. Published in “Kansai Meat Shop 2021” (Pia MOOK Kansai).
>Kobe Plaisir Official Site

Wagyu Restaurant: Kobe Plaisir Main Store

“STEAK was combined with loin steak. If you have the fat in your mouth … it’s delicious! It’s definitely better to combine it with loin than fillet. YAKINIKU is grilled meat. It was a sweet sauce, but It was refreshing when I got the sake. It’s refreshing, but it’s nice to have the feeling of sake instead of the fruity feeling of today. “(Matsumoto Livestock)

* Matsumoto Livestock: As a farmer specializing in “special Matsusaka beef”, he has been in the livestock industry for five generations in Taki Town, Mie Prefecture. He also has a meat cafe and meat sales.
>Matsumoto Livestock Official Site

Livestock farmer: Matsumoto livestock

“If you drink only with sake, it has a strong taste, and it is dry like Nada Gogo’s sake, but the spicy spiciness remains in the aftertaste. It turns into a refreshing aftertaste that makes you feel the taste of meat. It is a sake to drink with Western food such as steak and beef stew. I think it goes well with BBQ. “(Moriya Shoten)

* Moriya Shoten: A long-established Kobe beef specialty store located in Motomachi, Kobe, founded in the 6th year of the Meiji era. Buy one Kobe beef, from the finest Kobe beef to the popular croquette where you can line up.
>Moriya Shoten Official Site

Butcher shop: Moriya Shoten

I want you to try it without prejudice, without giving yourself the "specific name" of sake.

“Beef and Teppan(牛と鉄板)” is a sake that can be easily paired with Japanese beef dishes without any knowledge of sake.
I thought that it would be an opportunity for people who are not familiar with sake to know the possibility of pairing sake, not just “Japanese food for sake”.

And while having the specifications of sake with a specific name, I would like customers who like sake to enjoy it without prejudice by not writing the specifications such as the specific name and rice polishing rate on the label.

Now for "sharp consumption" at home, for tourism & inbound demand after the end of corona

At the beginning of the project, we did not anticipate such a situation where sightseeing and eating out would be difficult.
The sake industry is also in a critical situation where it is difficult for customers to visit liquor stores and restaurants where they can actually drink.

That’s why we decided to release it as something that customers can easily choose without any knowledge.

“Make delicious Japanese food more delicious with Japanese sake.”
Now, to accompany you when you enjoy delicious Wagyu beef at home.
And after the end of the corona disaster, we hope that tourists in Japan and customers from overseas can enjoy it together with delicious local brand beef all over the country.

"牛と鉄板" lineup

■ Sake “牛と鉄板 -STEAK-”

Price: 720ml 2,800 yen (suggested retail price including tax)
1800ml 4,900 yen (suggested retail price including tax)

■ Sake “牛と鉄板 -YAKINIKU-”

Price: 720ml 2,800 yen (suggested retail price including tax)
Release date: January 29, 2021 (Friday) * Pre-order sales start from January 28
Sales location: Online shop / Sake brewery directly managed shop “11th generation Matashiro”
Location: 1-5-23 Mikagetsukamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 658-0044
Business hours: Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

>Online shop

Yasufuku Matashiro Shoten Co., Ltd.
A Japanese sake brewery in Nada Gogo (Mikage), which celebrates its 270th anniversary this year. We use sake rice from Hyogo prefecture and Nada’s famous sake brewery “Miyamizu” to produce small quantities by hand. As an orthodox Nada sake with richness and sharpness, he specializes in sake brewing that “ripens and adds flavor” that makes the best use of the characteristics of “autumn finish” by Miyamizu. Representative brand “Masamune Oguro”.

All wooden warehouses collapsed in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995. The last remaining rebar brewery will reach the end of its life in 2013 and will be in danger of closing down, but Hakutsuru Sake Brewery has proposed joint use of the brewery equipment and continues brewing in the second brewery of Hakutsuru Sake Brewery.



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